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Man climbs over the gate to his death!

A Cape Town man from Philippi area died a painful death after he had gone out to drink booze with his friends early in the morning. His The body of the deceased, identified only as Dennis, was discovered on the street hours after he left his residence.

Residents suspect that he may have been stabbed with a screwdriver judging by the nature of the wound.
According to the deceased’s landlord, Nomsa Mtyali, Dennis and his friends had been consuming alcohol since Friday afternoon and well into Saturday morning. The noise from their gathering bothered the other residents, including Mtyali, who approached them at around 2 a.m., urging them to sleep and settle down.

She recalls ordering Dennis’ friends to leave and for him to rest due to the late hour. Despite Mtyali’s request, Dennis and his friends did not heed her advice. Frustrated, she threatened to switch off the electricity, prompting the friends to depart. Mtyali locked the gate after their departure. However, shortly after, she was taken aback when she witnessed Dennis climbing over the locked gate to continue his drinking spree at his friends’ house. That was the last time she saw him alive.

“I was shocked when I received the news of his death in the morning, people telling me that his body was found on the street,” Mtyali said. “He had some bleeding, but the wound did not appear to be significant. It seemed like he was stabbed with a small, sharp object, possibly a screwdriver,” she added.

Upon arriving at the scene, Dennis’ sister could not hold back her tears. Another family member was seen cleaning Dennis’ blood from the street.

Mtyali believes that if Dennis had chosen to stay home, he might still be alive today. “I am deeply saddened because he was a genuinely good person. He had lived with us for years, and we never had any issues with him,” Mtyali mournfully expressed. Nyanga SAP is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Dennis’ death.

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