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Police constable jailed for killing suspect during patrol

A former Cape Town police Constable will have been found guilty of murder after he shot and killed a fleeing suspect. Constable Luvulo Kowa was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment, with four years suspended and this leaves him with an effective sentence of 11 years in prison.

The conviction comes after an incident that occurred on June 12, 2017, in the Du Noon area of Milnerton. Constable Kowa, who was stationed at Milnerton police station at the time, and his partner were conducting patrols when they approached a group of five males and initiated a search. However, during the process, 43-year-old Ntoli Segaecho attempted to flee before being searched.

In response, Constable Kowa made the decision to shoot at Segaecho, fatally injuring him. The case was taken over by the IPID, who launched an investigation into the incident. IPID charged Kowa with murder.

During trial, the constable claimed that the deceased was in possession of a firearm and was attacking him. However, the court rejected this defense as no evidence to support it was presented. On top of the conviction, Kowa has also been dismissed from the police service following a disciplinary hearing. This decision was made in light of the serious nature of the offense committed and the breach of the code of conduct expected from law enforcement officers.

IPID spokesman Robbie Raburabu said the conviction highlights their commitment to ensuring accountability within the police force and maintaining public trust. He added that the conviction serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, and any abuses of power will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

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