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WATCH: Lady driver chases cell phone thief, knocks him down

South Africans are tired of crime and in most cases the justice system let them down. A recent video that have emerged online shows a victim of crime taking matters into their own hands, delivering what some might describe as “instant justice” to a thief.

The incident happened in Durban’s Bluff area on Wednesday, September 27. Two individuals approached a vehicle waiting at a boom gate, hoping to seize an opportunity for a quick theft. One of the culprits brazenly snatched an item from a Toyota Tazz driver who was patiently awaiting the gate to open.

The driver, outraged by the audacity of the theft, took immediate action. Defying the closed gate, the determined individual sped through, relentlessly chasing the thief. Panic-stricken, the thief fled into the road, only to be tragically hit by the pursuing driver’s vehicle. The video evidence suggests that the driver’s relentless pursuit resulted in the apparent death of the thief at the scene.

Ezitshisayo has learned that the victim of this criminal act is a lady driver who had her cell phone snatched while engaged in a phone conversation. This disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder of the rising crime rates plaguing South African communities and the growing sentiment that the justice system often fails to adequately address these concerns.



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