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30 school kids ate poisonous lollipops!

Western Cape Department of Education is investigating after 30 kids fell sick after eating sweets at Umyezo Wama Apile Primary School in Grabouw just outside Cape Town.

The incident happened on Tuesday 25 October in the morning after a learner brought sweets to the school and shared them with other learners. The department’s spokeswoman Bronagh Hammond confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that about 30 learners did fall ill after eating sweets allegedly brought to school by another learner. The learners were discharged from the medical facility that day. We await the results of the blood tests which will hopefully provide answers as to what caused the reaction. An investigation is underway,” said Hammond.


A resident who spoke to SunTeam said the school called an ambulance to attend to the kids but they had to be transported to the hospital.  She said three ambulances attended to the kids and others were taken to the hospital in a bus.


“It was chaos as some kids were crying while others were vomiting. Kids were saying they have stomach cramps and the scene was just terrible,” said the woman.

A parent Nandipha Jeffrey (43) whose child attends the school said she was terrified to receive the news while at work.

“I was shocked but I was able to call the class teacher of my child who said my son was okay and the incident affected kids of another grade,” she said.

Residents said they are worried about the incident but are however happy that no child died.

“It could have been worse than what happened but we thank God that no one died because of this incident. Government must reign on people selling toxic goods in their shops,” said resident Nomfuneko Matenjwa.


Earlier this year 46 learners at a school KwaZulu-Natal were also rushed to hospital after they ate lollipops.



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