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Golden Arrow increases bus fare

Golden Arrow Bus Service has announced that they will increase their bus fares on 27 December.

The company said they are increasing the fares due to increases in the operational cost they encountered throughout the year.

They increased by 6.95%.

Among other issues that triggered the increase is the increase in diesel prices. The company said the issue of wage increases for their workers contributed to the increase.

Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said: “This year has been characterised by significant cost increases across every level of Golden Arrow’s supply chain. The increases in the cost of diesel throughout the year, coupled with wage increases and unexpectedly high increases on components have made it impossible to avoid a fare increase at the end of 2022.”

She however said the GABS Gold Cards, a once-off purchase, will, however, remain at R35.

Dyke-Beyer said they are aware that commuters are struggling already. “We would therefore like to assure our passengers and stakeholders that this decision was not taken lightly. The increased amount is significantly lower than what is required to actually offset cost increases,” she said.

Commuters from Atlantis to Cape Town who are currently paying R43 per trip will have to add R3 more to make it R46.  Cape Town to Langa which is R27 currently will be R29 after Christmas. Cape Town to Bellville which is R34 per trip will be R36 on 27 December.  Khayelitsha to Cape Town which cost R36.50 will be R38.50.

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