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Gwede’s kiss to makhulu not Ayoba!

ANC’s heavy weight Gwede Mantashe is in the firing line after a picture emerged of him kissing an elderly women. Twitter users said it was immoral for him to go around kissing elderly people when the government is failing to disburse their social grants on time.

The image, which was posted on the Twitter account of the Northern Cape premier Zamani Saul, quickly gained attention and led to widespread criticism of Mantashe. Twitter users expressed their dismay, suggesting that it was inappropriate for a high-ranking government official to engage in such behavior while many elderly citizens continue to face challenges accessing their social grants.

“Elderly people don’t want kisses but their grant money,” said one user. Social grant disbursement has been a pressing issue in South Africa, with reports of delays and glitches plaguing the system. The government has been under pressure ensure timely payments. The problem has left many vulnerable individuals and families in financial distress.

Gwede Mantashe, as the ANC’s national chairman and Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, holds significant influence and responsibility within the party and government. While the photograph itself is innocent, the timing of its release has exacerbated the existing frustrations surrounding the social grant disbursement issue.

Critics argue that Mantashe’s public display of affection towards an elderly woman stands in stark contrast to the challenges faced by many South Africans, leading them to question his empathy and priorities.

Various comments on social media platforms called for Mantashe to address the concerns raised by the public and provide a satisfactory explanation. Others argue that this incident underscores a larger problem within the ANC, where officials are disconnected from the realities faced by ordinary citizens.

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