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VIDEO: Men force a snake to drink beer!

A video of a group of men force-feeding a snake with beer has emerged online. It is not clear where the incident happened, but a group is seen forcing beer from a brown bottle into the mouth of a snake.

In a shocking incident caught on video and circulating online, a group of men can be seen force-feeding a snake with beer. The distressing footage shows unidentified individuals forcing beer from a brown bottle into the reptile’s mouth. The exact location of the incident remains unclear currently.

However, the people appearing in the video appear intoxicated as they enjoy their act. Twitter users have expressed their shock while others laughed as they found the video fun.

One Twitter user Xuffler said the beer from a brown bottle wasnt doing enough. Vodka wouldve done the job much quicker, he said.
The 13-second video didnt show how the drama ended but another user Thobile Zakhele was curious to know. I want to see the aftermath, he said.

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