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WATCH: Woman chase hijackers, saves kidnapped driver!

South African woman took on a group of hijackers to save a victim from a violent carjacking. The incident, captured on a cellphone camera, has been widely circulated on social media, highlighting the bravery of the woman involved. It is not clear when and where the incident happened but it emerged on social media on Saturday.

According to eyewitness accounts, the woman witnessed the hijacking in progress and quickly acted to record the incident on her phone. Realizing the gravity of the situation, she immediately began trailing the hijacked vehicle while filming the incident unfold.

Astoundingly, when the hijackers became aware of the woman following them, they abruptly stopped the car and fled the scene. However, before making their escape, one of the assailants fired a gunshot towards the woman’s car, damaging her windshield. In the chilling video footage, the woman can be heard exclaiming, “They shot at me.”

After the hijackers fled, the driver of a Polo, cautiously emerged from the backseat, visibly terrified. After ensuring the hijackers were indeed gone, the man expressed his gratitude to the woman for her intervention, saying, “They were trying to hijack me.”

The video footage of the incident quickly spread across social media, garnering both praise and mixed reactions from internet users. Many lauded the woman’s bravery and hailed her as a real-life superhero. X user Mageba Strength expressed admiration, stating, “So it’s true, Superwomen live amongst us and wear no capes.”

However, not everyone shared the same sentiment. X user Mokgadi_RSA_ voiced skepticism, stating, “Sorry, but I’d never do this.”

While opinions may differ on the appropriate course of action in such situations, the heroic act of this woman has undeniably brought attention to the daily dangers faced by South Africans and the need for collective efforts to combat crime.


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