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WATCH: Why suspect was dragged at the back of the van?

Residents of Kensington in Cape Town were left outraged after witnessing police officers dragging a suspect behind their van. The suspect had allegedly been arrested on drug possession charges, leading to a gathering of bystanders who began shouting at the officers.

A video of the incident, shared on Facebook by Bilqees Alexander, captured the disturbing scene. As the officers handcuffed the suspect and prepared to place him inside the van, the crowd grew increasingly agitated. In the video, one bystander can be heard shouting, “He fired a shot,” prompting the officers to hastily drive away with the suspect still handcuffed to the back of the van.

For several meters, the van continued to move, dragging the man while a group of people rushed after it in pursuit. The shocking scene escalated further tensions within the community.

According to reports, the suspect had been apprehended for the alleged possession of mandrax tablets. However, community members allegedly began pelting the officers with stones during the arrest. This forced police to drive away to a safer location. Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, a spokesperson for the police an officer was injured.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident, as depicted in the circulated video clip, as well as the injuries sustained by the SAPS member due to public violence in Kensington, are currently under investigation,” stated Swartbooi.

The disturbing incident has ignited a public outcry, sparking concerns about police conduct and excessive use of force. As the investigation progresses, residents and community leaders are demanding transparency and accountability from the authorities in ensuring justice is served.

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