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Watch: Thabo Bester shows off some DANCE moves in JAIL

Thabo Bester’s escape story has been a talk of Mzansi and it has even dominated international headlines. The way he fooled everyone for almost a year is difficult to understand. A video and pictures of a dancing Bester believed to have been taken while he was in jail before escaping have emerged online.

The video shows Bester dancing to Poke It Out by Wale ft J Cole released in October 2021. The video is believed to have been taken between 2021 October and 2022 May before his escape.

Those who know Bester are saying, though he was in prison, the man was living large. He would eat special food from outside and he would wear expensive clothes. Allegedly, his girlfriend Dr Nandipha Magudumana was a regular visitor who would bring all he wanted. Bester allegedly had prison guards on his side and he would get whatever he wants at the time he wants it, a prisoner who called SAFM claimed.

Bester had phones, a laptop and other luxury things inside the jail. The music could have been coming from his laptop since he had one as he was a “student”. Bester, at one point launched a media company from behind bars. He claimed faked a name and called himself Tom Motsepe based in USA. The launch event was attended by several people including big names such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Jimmy Manyi. Bester appeared on a video call where people sang happy birthday for him. It only recently when people realised that the person they sang for one not Tom Motsepe but Bester.

Bester and his girlfriend Dr Nandipha were arrested in Tanzania last week Friday. They were returned to South Africa on Thursday 13 April and both appeared in court.


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