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Teachers robbed in class at gun point

Police in Nyanga are investigating a case of robbery after three teachers were robbed in Philippi on Thursday afternoon. The incident happened around 3pm at Masivuke Primary school in Philippi Brown’s farm.

According to a teacher who witnessed the incident, the men were armed. Three armed men entered the class while a teacher was busy on his computer since learners had gone home. The men demanded money and cellphones while pointing the teacher with a firearm. They took the teacher’s cellphone and laptop and walked out of the classroom. While they were walking out of the class, they saw two female teachers whom they also pointed with the firearm. They took their phones and disappeared.

A resident who stays close to the school said the men ran to a Toyota Avanza that was waiting for them at a street corner. “It is traumatising for the teachers but I’m grateful that it didn’t happen in front of learners. Otherwise they would have been traumatised even more to witness their teachers being robbed,” said the resident.

Western Cape department Education’s spokesperson Millicent Merton confirmed the incident. “I can confirm that three suspects entered the school premises at about 14:45 when the learners were dismissed for the day. They robbed two teachers of cell phones and a laptop and stole a jacket from another teacher’s class. The robbery was reported to SAPS. Support has been made available to the affected teachers, if required,” said Merton.

Police spokesman Sergeant Wesley Twigg said the matter is under investigation. “Nyanga police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a business robbery which was perpetrated at a school in Mdlambila Street, Browns Farm, Nyanga on Thursday afternoon (2023-04-13) at about 15:23.

“According to reports unknown suspects entered the premises went to a classroom and pointed the teacher with a firearm and robbed him of electronic equipment and a jacket. The suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested. Anyone with any information about this incident is kindly requested to contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111,” he added.

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