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WATCH: Suspect too fast for the cop

Social media has been left in stitches after a suspect ran away from cops and jumped a fence and ran away. Officers are seen in the video taking some suspects from the van into the station. While other suspects were walking to the police station, one suspect is seen drifting sideways as if he wanted to talk to another suspect.

Quickly and expectedly, the suspect ran away towards the closed gate which has a high fence.
A police officer who tried to give a chase was outpaced. He was left jumping up and down trying to grab the suspect’s foot but it was too late.

There was a mixed feeling from social media users as others felt that the cop that failed to catch the suspect was incompetent. Others just laughed at the cunning ways of the suspect.

“It looks like it was a minor case which didn’t warrant shooting at him. Good judgement from the cop. Otherwise, he will find him jobless if he reacts without thinking. IPID would have visited him the following morning,” said one user Ntebatse.

The incident happened on Thursday 12 October, but the place of the incident is not clear.

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