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WATCH: Uber driver refuses tlof tlof offer from two beauties

An Uber driver received the shock of his life after two women asked him to have tlof tlof with both. Their request didn’t end there as they asked him not to work for the day as they were going to pay him over R1800 if he spent time with them.

On top of that, they were going to buy booze and meat for them to eat. “You don’t have to do much, wena you join us, we drink, we feed you, we pay you,” the girls proposed.

The driver responded that he had just started working so he was interested. The girls responded saying spending time with them was as good as working since they were going to pay him at the end.

“We can give you R1800 and you spend the next four hours with us. We chill four hours, six hours maximum then you decide you want to go back to work,” the girls offered.

The driver kept quiet as if he was considering the offer. One of the girls is heard saying he will regret it if he turns down the offer. She said by the time he makes up his mind, it will be too late since they would have left already.

“Don’t worry we have condoms,” said one of the girls.


Many people on social media applauded the young man for refusing saying it was a trap. “They will drug and rob you. They work with thugs,” said one user.

On whether the driver continued to refuse this lucrative offer after the video ended, only God knows.

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