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WATCH: Man moered by cops in front of Bheki Cele

Many people were not impressed by a cop who repeatedly slapped a man in the presence of Minister of Police Bheki Cele. The incident allegedly happened in KwaMashu area in KwaZulu Natal on Friday 06 October 2023.

It is reported that Cele had joined the cops during an operation in the area that was closing liquor outlets that were operating after hours. A group of cops is seen in the video pushing away a group ordering them to go home.

In the video, a cop is scene pushing a man who has a black label bottle in his hand. When he seemed to be talking back to the cop, he was slapped on the back of his head. When he was in front of Cele, he tried to talk back to the cop that slapped him, but Cele dragged him back. It appeared as if cops wanted to put handcuffs of him but later decided against it. They ordered him to go home.

Another man is seen protesting the bad treatment from cops. “It’s not right for you to beat us, you are a police office you know better. Nobody hits you but you are hitting us. You have a Minister, and you are beating us in front of him and he keeps quiet. It cannot be that we are beaten up in from of the Minister,” said an angry resident.

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