A security guard from Gugulethu Athenkosi Komanisi is recovering from head injuries after he was assaulted with a walking stick.
He told Ezitshisayo that the irate man had visited the mall he works at on Wednesday 11 January.

“He parked his car at a place that is not for parking. When I told him he got angry and threw a walking stick at me,” he said.

Athenkosi said when he picked up the walking stick, the man came out of his car pickup car and grabbed it.

“His wife immediately came out of the vehicle and stood between me and the angry man. When he was trying to advance again I pepper-sprayed him.

“He became angry even angrier and attacked me with the walking stick on my head,” he added.

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Athenkosi said all he wanted was for the man to park and the right area and he was not after a fight.

“Now I’m left with scars on my head because a person didn’t want to follow rules. I want him to pay for what he did,” he said.

Kindly be advised that the circumstances surrounding the incident you are referring to are under investigation.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartooi confirmed the incident.

“The incident occurred on Wednesday 11 January 2023 at a nearby shopping complex. According to reports the suspect stopped in the parking area and got off his vehicle, after which he assaulted the complainant. Grassy Park police are investigating a case of common assault. The motive for the attack is a possible argument. The suspect are yet to be arrested,” he said.
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