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Man arrested after gun found in his wardrobe

Metro police officers arrested three men in Manenberg and recovered a gun hidden inside a wardrobe.

The officers were on patrol when they were informed about a house where firearms are kept.

The incident happened on 12 December at around 9 pm. Metro police spokesperson Ruth Solomons said officers responded swiftly to the information.

Man (69) arrested with drugs

“On arrival, the officers requested permission to search the premises and found a 9mm Star pistol and two rounds of ammunition hidden between items of clothing in a wardrobe, with the serial number still intact,” said Solomons.

The incident happened while the area has been experiencing gang wars.

Earlier this month, police arrested 17 people in a week in connection with the shootings.

Three suspects, aged 23, 32 and 40 were arrested and detained at Manenberg SAPS.

Ezitshisayo source said when police arrived, the men acted like they had nothing to hide.

“They let police in as if they are clean.  After a long search, police came out with the guns and the men were shocked. We know them, they are part of the people terrorising the community. Our kids are scared to to play on the streets because of them,” said the source.

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