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Police officers ‘ran away’ after thugs fired shots

Two police officers from Mfuleni SAPS allegedly ran for their dear lives after thugs fired shots in the air in Mfuleni on Saturday 25 February 2022.

Residents said officers were called after an Uber driver crashed into a wall while speeding away from hijackers. The incident happened at 2 am in Extension 4 on Tokwana Street in Mfuleni.

The driver told Ezitshisayo that he crashed while speeding away from the hijackers when he failed to negotiate a traffic circle.

“I crashed into a fencing wall but hijackers caught me and they took all the money I had worked for all day and my phone. The family from the fence I crashed woke up and called the police. After two hours, police officers arrived but as soon as they got to where my car was, the hijackers chased them,” he said.

He said they shot nine shots in the air and officers who were at the scene started their van and drove off.

“I don’t blame because the people that robbed me were many. Probably seven men that were in a Toyota Avanza,” he said.

The driver said he managed to take out his car radio and a batter then left as police have already ran away.

Police spokesman Sergeant Wesley Twigg said the matter was not recorded in their records.

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