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‘Friends’ set Cleo Diko for rape before her murder

Fake friends dumped Cleo Diko at Monwabisi beach in the middle of the night setting her up for rape.

Cleo Diko’s mother said her daughter was raped a week before she was killed. It is alleged that she was dumped by friends at Monwabisi beach in the middle of the night and she was raped while she was finding her way back home on foot.

Cleo’s mother said, from what she heard, her daughter went to the beach with friends where they were drinking. She said they were drinking while sitting in the car when the law enforcement car stopped.

“I was told that Cleo opened the door of the car and walked to the cops and spoke to them. She told them that they were okay and were just drinking while sitting in the car. When she returned to the call the friends were angry about why she spoke to the police. I don’t know why people would be angry about that,” she said.

It is alleged that they then told her to leave the car and they drove off. Cleo had to find her way home and was unfortunately raped along the way.

“I heard about the incident while she was still alive but I didn’t ask her. I wanted her to tell me about it on her own but she didn’t disclose it. She had opened a rape case at Harare SAPS and it was under investigation,” said Cleo’s mother.

Cleo’s mother is angry about the fake friends that dumped her child in the middle of nowhere at night.

“They wanted her dead I guess and they call themselves her friends? There are no friends that dump you in the mid of nowhere,” said Linda.



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