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Khayelitsha mfundisi abuses three girls inside his church

Khayelitsha pastor forced himself on three girls inside his church since January this year. The man of cloth allegedly molested the girls, one aged 10 and two who are seven years old several times. He allegedly committed the crime inside the shack he used as a church.

He allegedly used threats and money to keep the kids silent about the abuse and never report the matter to their parents. A source close to the matter said one of the children was molested while her hands were tied.

“He threatened to kill anyone who disclose this matter to their parents. From what the kids are saying, this could have started in January and he continued with his shenanigans until early this month when the matter came to light. Why would a whole pastor rape children when he has lots of unmarried women in his church and outside who can agree to sleep with him in a consensual manner,” said the source.

The matter came to light on 04 March when the 10-year-old victim and her younger sister who is also a victim had a fight over food. The 10-year-old girl threatened that she was going to tell the mother about what the pastor has done to them.

The mother entered and heard the conversation and asked the girls to explain what had happened. The girls confessed that they were raped by the mfundisi.

Others told Ezitshisayo that the pastor’s church members are shocked. Others are believing it and others still think there was a mistaken identity.

Angry residents destroyed the church and the pastor was arrested. Police spokesman Captain Frederick Van Wyk said the man was arrested on charges of rape. He has already appeared in Khayelitsha Magistrate Court.

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