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Khayelitsha: Four shot, bodies found inside a bakkie

Residents from Site B in Khayelitsha are in shock after four men were murdered in their area earlier today 26 March 2022.

Amongst the deceased is the owner of Ngquks Place, a tavern on Dika Street in Site B. According to one of the employees from the tavern, they had just closed and were leaving the place in a bakkie. The tavern owner would drop some of his employees at their homes.

The shooters were waiting for them to close so that they can attack. When they drove off from the tavern as they leave, the men were ambushed by gunmen. They attacked the men by shooting at the people that were at the back and the driver.

Two men were killed and their bodies were found inside the bakkie when police responded to the scene minutes later. The bodies were riddled with bullet wounds. The body of another man who tried to run was found on Sani Street in Y Block. The fourth man died at the hospital.

Ezitshisayo visited the area in the morning where residents were still in shock. Others who wanted to buy were told to go back home since the place was closed. “The owner has been shot we cannot open for you. We are closed today, we are not sure when will the place will be open, if it will ever open,” said an employee to the customers.

Residents said they heard several shots when the incident was happening. “When we woke up the street was full of police and ambulance services. It was just busy. That is when we heard that the tavern owner was one of the deceased people,” said a resident.

The family of the tavern owner confirmed that he was shot but they couldn’t speak any further as they are traumatised. We will update as soon as police give us more information.

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