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Melita paid ‘protection fee’ with her life

She used to pay a ‘protection fee’ to operate her saloon in Samora Machel but when she didn’t have money to pay they shot her dead. Residents from Samora Machel are hurt after a loved ‘people’s’ hairdresser was shot.

Allegedly, the ‘protection fee’ thugs warned her on Thursday that she must not open her saloon on Friday if she has not paid them R500 for a ‘protection fee’. Melita Mulae Munguane(37)went on to open the shop and they killed her in broad daylight.

Melita’s body was found inside her locked saloon on Friday afternoon with some gunshot wounds. Witnesses said before she was killed, Melita was seen talking to a man who was standing outside the shop. He tried to get inside but the saloon was locked so he shot at her.

“They were talking for a long time, we suspect the man was demanding money from her and telling her to close. Melita could have refused and locked herself inside the shop. The man ended up shooting at her after she refused to give him money or to close the shop,” said one resident.

Melita’s friend said the ‘protection fee’ people have been demanding money from her for a long time. At one point they would assault her using the back of a gun in front of her clients. They would even rob her clients inside the saloon. “They would randomly come and ask her for money, and if she doesn’t give them they will tell her to close. It has been going on for a long time. She would complain about these people and she seemed to be aware that one day they will kill her,” one of the friends said.

According to Melita’s friends, she arrived in Samora Machel in 2006 from Mozambique and she never returned since then. She is reported to be from Chamanculo area in Maputo, Mozambique. Her friend told Ezitshisayo that Melita didn’t want anything to do with her family over an undisclosed issue. Residents and friends are looking for help to bury her in Cape Town. She left a 16-year-old daughter behind. A police comment will be added as soon it’s available.

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