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EFF to Masipala :We won’t pay nothing

The Economic Freedom Fighters in Cape Town said they will not be paying money which the City of Cape Town is demanding from them. The City said they want the EFF to pay for erecting posters around their area without permission. The City said they hired a company to remove the posters which were erected in contravention of their bylaws and the EFF must pay over R200 000 for the services.

MMC for Spatial Planning and Environment Eddie Andrews said they removed 400 posters erected by the red berets around Cape Town. He said, each poster cost R514 and EFF is liable to pay R205 000. Andrews said the post were erected illegally and were in contravention of the City’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage Bylaw.

EFF to Masipala :We won't pay nothing
City of Cape Town removed EFF posters around Cape Town.

“First off, the EFF did not have the City’s authority to erect the posters advertising their shutdown. Councillor Mzubanzi Dambuza, the EFF’s Chief Whip, was informed in February 2023 that these posters would not be allowed as it contravened Schedule 11 of the Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law. Yet, the EFF proceeded without the City’s permission,” said Andrews.

Dambuza said they are not going to pay any money. He said they applied to have posters erected but the DA decided to use the City to fight his party. “There is no money that the EFF is going to pay, not a cent. We applied to erect these posters all over Western Cape not only in the City of Cape Town. It was the City of Cape Town through the DA that decided not to approve because they wanted to protect Cyril Ramaphosa. We applied and they know that it is the DA that is trying to fight the EFF through the City of Cape Town,” said Dambuza.

The City said the EFF must remove the remaining posters to avoid paying more money. “The EFF still has an opportunity to remove the remaining posters and avoid the cost of their removal,” added Andrews.

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