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Kasi fitness trainer: Why I focus on training women

Nhlonipho “Coach Nale” Mbele has dedicated his life to helping women to stay fit through exercises. Mbele from Mfuleni said he as a group of over 150 women trains every day around Mfuleni, Bluedowns, and other areas.

On why he focuses on women, Mbele who trains women of all ages said it is because women are neglected. He said many of them end up losing hope in fitness training because sometimes they maybe doing it the wrong way and no one wants to help them to do it right.

Why I focus on training women
Nhlonipo “Coach Nale” Mbele says he realised that women are not getting enough support to stay fit

He told Ezitshisayo that he has been a fitness fanatic since he was young. He decided to put his passion to good use by helping others. He also said, he is not doing it for money but to change people’s lives. Mbele does not charge for his services but he asks for monthly donations of R80 per person to those who can afford them.

“I used to attend gyms and you would see that some people, most really want to train but they are doing it the wrong way and they need help. After a few months, they leave the gym because they do not see the results of their work. When you try to assist them, some men will laugh at you thinking that you are up for something,” he said.

He then decided to form Consistent Fitness Club which focuses on non-gym training for women. He trains women both in groups and also individually depending on the situation.

“We have training from Monday to Thursday in the evening then we have morning training on Saturdays. We train in the evening in groups but sometimes those who cannot make it can book a separate individual session,” he said.

Kasi fitness trainer explains why he focuses on training women
Coach Nale says he puts his skill to good use by assisting women.

Nandipha Njokweni(45) said she joined Mbele’s club to reduce weight and it has worked. “Coach Nale is serious with training and it motivated me to push myself. At first, it was painful but I got used to it and now I love exercises,” she said.

Another club member Phozisa Madikane(50) said: “ I always wanted to exercise for health reasons but I couldn’t get a team in Bardale Village I saw coach Nale on social media and I joined. He is always on top of his game and I do not miss a session.”

Mbele said though he works with women of various ages, he realised that elderly ladies take exercises more seriously than younger ones. He also added that working with ladies can be complicated. “You have to be focused on training and should never mix business with pleasure. Things can get complicated so I don’t date any of my members,” he added.


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