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Khayelitsha shooting that killed four people was a ‘revenge’

The shooting incident that happened in Site B, Khayelitsha on Sunday 26 March early in the morning was an act of revenge. A source close to the incident alleged that the group that attacked the tavern owner accused him of shooting two of their friends on Saturday.

Ezitshisayo source said, two members of a gang were shot during a hijacking on Saturday afternoon. One of the members managed to flee but accused that they were shot by the tavern owner. The one who survived and flee from the scene informed other group members who then ambushed the tavern owner. Allegedly, the group ambushed the tavern owner and his employees when he was leaving his place at night and shot at him.

“The tavern owner fought back, three men who are at the hospital are from the group that was attacking the tavern owner. He died but he didn’t just let them shoot at him,” said the source. She told Ezitshisayo that two of the men who ambushed the tavern owner are at the hospital under police guard. The third one was taken by cops on Monday as he was recovering well.

The source alleges those who are at the hospital were seriously injured. “The other one had an operation on Monday, it is very bad,” said the source. Police spokesman Andre Traut said the shooting was revenge for a hijacking incident that had happened in the afternoon that same day.

“On 2023-03-26 at around 00:40 four men aged between 33 and 42 were shot and killed while they were travelling in a LDV in Y Block Khayelitsha in what we believe was an retaliation attack after accusations of a hijacking that was committed earlier in the area. During the incident, five other males aged between 23 and 39 were shot and wounded and admitted to hospital for treatment,” said Traut.

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