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Woman gang raped in front of her children

A woman from Crossroads in Cape Town was raped by eight men in front of her two daughters last month. The incident happened on 20 November while she was in her shack.

She said the gang pretended to be police. “They said open the door it’s police,” she said. She refused to open but the men went on to kick her door.

“I opened the door because they were going to break it anyway. When they entered, the men asked me about a person called Unathi. They wanted that person whom I don’t know or even heard about,” she said.

They searched her shack with a gun pointed at her. They took her money, R564 and her phone that was under the bed.

When they were about to leave, one of the men asked her “if I was wearing a pant” before pushing her to the bed. Three men raped her and called five others who were inside a Toyota Avanza.

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The woman said after they raped her one of them went on to touch her 13-year-old daughter.

“I told them not to rape my daughter. I said they can do all they want to me, not to her. The men stopped and raped me,” she said.

While all this was happening, the two daughters were watching. Her son was sleeping and didn’t witness the gruesome ordeal.

“Whenever we talk about this my daughter breaks down. She is shocked and traumatised,” the woman said.

Two days after the incident, the woman met her rapists at the mall. She followed them and called the community leaders and police.

She said when they were tormenting her, she managed to see their faces and clothes. The suspect she identified was still wearing the same clothes he was wearing while raping her.

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Nyanga SAPS opened a rape case.

“The investigation comes after the victim was in her house at Crossroads Nyanga at early hours of Sunday morning 20 November 2022 when eight men forced entry into her house. They took money and cell phone and raped her,” said Captain Nowonga Sukwana.

She said a few days after the incident two suspects were arrested after they were pointed out by the victim.

“They already appeared at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court. The case was postponed to 20 December 2022. The other six suspects are still at large and police are looking for them and will not stop until all perpetrators are behind bars and prosecuted,” she said.

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