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WATCH: Inkabi speaks on how they shoot their targets ‘Sishaya ikhanda’

South Africans and the world at large were shocked after Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was shot in the head at a restaurant in Durban on Friday night.

The inkabi that fired a shot at his head took less than 19 seconds to finish the job. It is clear that the man is experienced in his job. The national broadcaster SABC managed to speak to a hitman who explained how they do things. Inkabi videos have been widely circulated on social media since the murder of AKA.

In the video, inkabi is seen standing across the road as AKA was leaving the restaurant. As he stood outside embracing his friends as they were about to leave, inkabi crossed the road.

He used the cars as a shield as he went around AKA’s back. He moved and shot him at close range and sped off from the scene.

Many people may need to understand how inkabi operates.

WATCH: CCTV showing how AKA was shot emerges



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