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Two killed and five including 15-year old attacked in Nyanga

Nyanga residents are shocked by a mob attack that happened near Oscar Mphetha High School on Wednesday 24 May. It is alleged that seven males, including a 15-year-old boy born in 2008 were attacked and forced to drink battery acid.

Two of the men were both shot on the head and their bodies dumped inside a container that is on Sihlanu Avenue. A source that spoke to Ezitshisayo said the victims allegedly robbed Amaphela. It is said, recently they robbed iphela and went on to commit crimes including rape. Fed up Amaphela owners tracked them down, and moered them to pulp.

“They were made to drink battery acid at the time they were being assaulted. We also heard gun shots, more than 10 shots,” said the source. Just after the gunshots, the attackers left the container and drove away.

Police spokeswoman Brigadier Novela Potelwa said police are investigating the incident.

“Provincial detectives have opened murder and attempted murder case dockets for investigation following an incident where seven males were assaulted at the Nyanga taxi rank. The assault led to the death of two of the men aged 23 and 26. Meanwhile five of the victims between the ages of 15 and 27 who were seriously injured are fighting for their lives in a local hospital.

“Circumstances surrounding the incident/s are the subject of the police investigation currently underway. The SAPS have reinforced deployments in the Nyanga taxi rank area in a bid to apprehend the suspects and prevent further criminal acts from occurring. Detectives are following up all leads including the possibility that the motive is a vigilante attack,” she said.

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