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School kids fell out of a moving Golden Arrow bus

Two school kids fell out of a Golden Arrow school bus traveling from Khayelitsha to Maitland schools this morning 09 June 2023. It is alleged that the learner fell on the road surface after dislodging an emergency window.

Social media has been awash with the reports that the kids because the bus was full to capacity. The bus company refuted the allegations stating that the kids were wrestling when the incident occurred.

In a statement released by the company, it was revealed that the bus was less than 40% full, with entire rows of empty seats. The company said the emergency window that was dislodged by the kids was clearly marked “emergency exit” Golden Arrow said according to the bus rules, passengers must be seated at all times.

The company said the footage from the bus shows that some of the scholars were playing rowdily while others were properly seated. Just before the incident, three children climbed onto the seats behind the driver’s cab and appeared to be play wrestling. The two scholars who fell out of the bus.

The company said the learners immediately received medical attention and are being treated for head and leg injuries. They are now in a stable condition, and the company is in contact with the hospital for updates.

Golden Arrow refuted reports that overcrowding contributed to the incident and urged parents to educate their children on the importance of following safety rules. The company also emphasized that emergency windows are designed to give way when pressure is applied, but if passengers are seated, they cannot fall out of the bus even if they manage to push open the window.

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