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‘Protection fee’ top guys arrested!

Police have arrested three men believed the be the mastermind behind series of murders and extortion happening around Delft in the past weeks. Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie the police spokesman revealed that there had been a recent surge in murders and extortion-related offenses in and around Delft.

The arrests were made following intensive investigations and a daring operation by law enforcement. “Three suspects of which one is regarded as the mastermind behind a spate of murders and extortion related offences perpetrated in and around Delft in recent weeks, have been brought to book and are expected to make their court appearances in the Bellville Magistrates’ court on Tuesday on charges related to the illegal possession of firearms and drugs,” said Pojie.

The third suspect, who was arrested at another location, is believed to be the mastermind behind the extortion activities in Delft. Pojie described this arrest as a pivotal development in dismantling the criminal network responsible for serious crimes in the area.

“At the third house, they arrested a 37-year-old man who is believed to be the mastermind of the grouping involved in extortion related offences and other serious crime in the area,” Pojie said.

The three men are expected to appear in court on Tuesday 26 September.

The incident happens while an amagwinya seller was recently killed in a suspected extortion killing in Gugulethu on Saturday.

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