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My best friend nearly took my life

A Philippi woman says she was attacked by her long-time best friend with a beer bottle on her neck and head. Until now, she doesn’t know why her friend nearly killed her.

“I was not drunk and she was not drunk. She never said a word even today I don’t know why. We didn’t have a fight before and the attack was unexpected,” said a 39-year-old victim.

The incident happened in Philippi on 23 December 2022. She suspects that some people influenced her to attack her.

The victim said she went to check on her friend at her place but she found her friend having a meeting with other people.

“It was a caucus but I didn’t know what they were talking about,” she said.

She left her since she was busy but it was after the meeting that the friend went to her house and attacked her.

“She stabbed my head with a bottle and stabbed my ear as well. A piece of my ear fell on the ground and she picked it up and left. I don’t know where it is as we speak,” she said.

After the attack, the woman disappeared into the darkness. The victim went to the hospital where she was stitched.

Man arrested after gun found in his wardrobe

Three days after Christmas, the victim was called by a young boy who told her that her attacker was around.

“He showed me where the woman was. I saw her inside a shack then I locked it immediately and called the police to arrest her. She was arrested and is still at Philippi East SAPS,” she said.

Nonkosi Manyathela, a community leader said they were shocked about the attack. “These people are friends for a long time and I don’t know why will she attempt to kill her. This was not a mere attack, she could have died,” she said.

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