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Khayelitsha tavern owner poured HOT water on a patron’s head

Khayelitsha woman went to a tavern in I section to get a cold beer but instead she was baptised with hot water. It came straight from a boiling electric kettle on to her head. The 29-year-old woman Natasha Tengeni told Ezitshisayo that she received the shock of her life when she was walking out of the tavern’s entrance.

“I felt some hot liquid pouring on my head, flowing down to by breast and back. I screamed in shock because I didn’t expect such from a tavern,” she said. The incident happened on 18 March 2023.

She said a friend whom she was walking with told her that her head was badly burnt. She rushed home and realised that her breast was burnt and she had huge burnt wound at the back. “I started crying, I was hurt,” she said. Natasha said she went back to show the woman that she burnt her but she was told to “back off”.

Natasha said the previous week, on 11 March they had an altercation with the tavern owner’s daughter. This is after she told Natasha and other friends to leave while they were drinking opposite the tavern at night. They ended up exchanging words with the tavern owner who had came out to see what was happening.

“The following day we went there to apologise and everything seemed okay. I didn’t know that she was planning to burn me,” she said. Police spokesman Captain Frederick Van Wyk said they arrested a 58-year old woman in connection to the attack. She appeared in Khayelitsha Magistrate’s court on 22 March. She will return on 16 May.

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