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Sleepover ended in death for a 13 year old girl

A Khayelitsha girl Thimna Kuze(13) from Site C went to a sleepover at Taiwan informal settlement on Saturday 25 March. That is the last time her family saw her alive.

The next thing, they were called that their daughter has died. It is alleged that she was found with blood in her nose, mouth and her private parts. The body was found inside a shack.

It is alleged that Thimla was fetched from her home by her friends on Saturday night. At first, she refused to join them but the friends begged her until her grandmother agreed since the friends were known to the family. Thimla and her friends left around 10pm promising to come back home early in the morning.

When Thimla couldn’t come back home, her family started to panic and called the friends that left with her. None of them answered their phones.

While they were still on it, two people arrived and told the family that Thimla had died.

It is alleged that at the house that Thimla was, the girls were given booze by an uncle of one of Thimla’s friends. The same uncle slept in the same room with the kids.

A source who spoke to Ezitshisayo said one of the girls that was sleeping with Thimla said she woke up to the toilet at night and saw that her tights and underwear had been removed. Even her two friends who were fast asleep had their tights and pants removed. Thimla who was wearing jeans also had her pants down to her knees.

Ezitshisayo tried to contact the uncle but he was unavailable. However, the uncle spoke to City Vision and denied giving the girls booze and alleged that he was drinking with his friend while kids were playing alone.

Police in Khayelitsha have opened an inquest case as the investigation continues.

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