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WATCH: Zuma: I have never stolen even a needle

Former president Jacob Zuma says he doesn’t understand why the Independent Electoral Commissioner (IEC) is after him. He says the current president Cyril Ramaphosa stole money and hid it under his mattress, but IEC doesn’t give him any problems.

“A person who stole money and hid it under the mattress and IEC says nothing. Now they are chasing Jacob Zuma who never stole a niddle. Why is IEC meddling in politics because their role is to ensure that everyone vote in a free and fair election. The issue of who is going to be the president of the country is not their business,” said Msholozi.

There have been several attempts to bar Zuma and his party from running elections on 29 May 2024. At first, the ANC took the Mkhonto WeSizwe Party led by Zuma to court demanding that the part stops using the name as it is associated with the ruling party. ANC said the use of the name and the logo of its former military wing was going to confuse voters.

The Electoral Court ruled against the ANC, but a few days later Zuma found himself in court again fighting against the IEC that had banned him from being on MK list. The IEC said Zuma had a criminal record and was ineligible to be elected as an MP. The court overturned the IEC decision and Zuma is now back on the list.

ANC has been worried about the possible impact that Zuma could have on ANC voters. Some ANC members were aggrieved by the way Zuma was removed from the presidency. This aggrieved group can potentially vote for Zuma, taking away votes from ANC.

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