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Woman lost mother, brother and child(3) in shack fire

Mbekweni residents are in shock after a tragedy struck in the early hours of Tuesday, 30 May 2023, as fire broke out gutting four shacks. The fire claimed lives of three people, a man, a woman and a three-year-old boy. The incident has left residents of the area in a state of shock and disbelief.

According to a family friend, a woman lost her brother, mother and her son in the fire. The devastating loss of life has prompted an outpouring of condolences and offers of assistance from well-wishers on social media.

A statement from the Drakenstein Municipality expressed heartfelt condolences to family members and loved ones of the victims. The municipality said their Fire and Emergency Services responded swiftly to the fire call at 04:25, but were unable to save the lives of the three victims.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated by the South African Police Service (SAPS), while the municipality has pledged to provide disaster relief aid to those affected by the tragedy.

As residents attempt to come to terms with the devastating loss, the community has united in a show of solidarity and support for those affected by the tragedy.

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