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Woman among ATM scammers arrested in Cape Town

Four individuals, including a woman, were apprehended in Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD) on Saturday, March 9, for their involvement in an ATM scam. This after they scammed a German tourist.

The perpetrators impersonated Cit officials, duped their victims by claiming they needed a permit to walk on the streets of Cape Town. Thee scam was reported, with Law Enforcement swiftly responding, supported by the Cape Town Central Improvement District (CCID). The suspects attempted to flee in a vehicle, but authorities managed to identify the getaway car and pursued it in a high-speed chase.

During the pursuit, the suspects resorted to dangerous maneuvers, including knocking a CCID vehicle off the road. Despite their efforts to evade capture, law enforcement officers successfully cornered the perpetrators. The vehicle used in the getaway was discovered to have false number plates.

Upon searching the vehicle, officers uncovered a cache of incriminating evidence, including various keypads used to record victims’ ATM PINs. They also found a two-way security officer’s radio, clothing bearing security branding, a counterfeit security officer’s ID card, and numerous ATM cards.

The suspects were taken to Cape Town South African Police Service (SAPS) station where they were charged with offenses ranging from theft and fraud to possession of stolen property and reckless and negligent driving.

Of particular concern was the revelation that one of the arrested suspects had been apprehended three times in the past nine years for crimes related to ATM fraud. Despite previous arrests, the individual had managed to exploit loopholes in the criminal justice system, allowing them to continue their criminal activities unabated.

Jean Pierre Smith, the Mayoral Member for Safety and Security, emphasized the need for stronger measures to combat such crimes. “Most concerning is the fact that one of the suspects has already been arrested 3 times in the last 9 years for ATM related crimes, but continued to find loopholes in the criminal justice system that always saw him continue, undeterred,” remarked Smith. “A growing trend around the world, we knew we had to do more,” said Smith.

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