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WATCH: Makhulu: They kicked the door open and gun-pointed me!

Residents from Sibanye informal settlement in Makhaya, Khayelitsha in Cape Town are shocked after thugs broke into a shack and terrorised a 74-year-old woman earlier this morning. Gogo Nowezile Mathokwazi was sleeping with her granddaughter Mahle Mathokwazi when armed thugs kicked the door of their shack.

Makhulu said they started by asking her to surrender her phone and money, but she didn’t have any. “They pointed a firearm on my head and demanded money and phones, but I told them I didn’t have any. It was a scary situation, they ordered us to keep quiet,” she said.

The thugs then asked Mahle to give them her phone and money before ordering her to leave with them in the middle of the night.

“They ordered her to wear her shoes before disappearing with her into the dark. I don’t know where they took her to,” said the disturbed grandmother. Gogo Nowezile was happy when she heard that her grandchild was found after she went to the police station earlier this morning.

She said after the two men left her house with Mahle, she screamed for help and residents came out to help. They managed to go and report at the police station around 2 am. Gogo who is sick said her health was disturbed by the incident.

“My high blood pressure shot up and I’m glad that she is found alive. I feel better but I have not seen her yet,” she said.

Gogo’s child Nokwanele Mathokazi(30) said Mahle went to the police station after escaping from the thugs.


Neighbour Zandile Mdunyelwa said she heard the noises from Makhulu’s home but initially thought it was coming from her other noisy neighbour. “I woke my boyfriend up, but it was too late. When he dressed, they had left the house with Mahle,” she said.



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