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Fake Uber request got boy killed!

A Nyanga boy was shot and killed by an Uber driver he was trying to rob on Sunday last week. The boy aged 17 and his friends requested an Uber to fetch them at an address in Boys Town around 10 am on 07 April.

When the Uber driver arrived, a group of about seven kids rounded the vehicle and attacked the driver. The driver was allegedly stabbed by a screwdriver on the neck. Residents who witnessed the incident said the driver managed to pull out a gun and shot at one of the boys who had managed to take car keys from him. They boy fell on the ground and others ran into different directions.

The father of the deceased boy was called from church and saw his son died on the streets. He didn’t manage to speak to Ezitshisayo at the time as he was traumatized. The owner of house whose house was used for requesting the Uber was shocked because she was alone at the house.

“My grandchildren where not even around and I don’t even know how Uber is requested. I was shocked when the driver said he was requested by a person on my address. These kids are ruining people’s lives,” said the resident.

Residents said these kind of incidents are not knew in their area. They said in most cases, drivers are the ones who are robbed and killed.

Police spokesman Sergeant Wesley Twigg said the incident was under investigation.

“Nyanga police are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of a 17-year-old boy this morning (2024-04-07) in Sinqolamthi Street. According to reports the deceased tried to rob a delivery vehicle when he was shot. The victim sustained gunshot wounds to his body. He was declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel. No arrests have been made yet. A murder case was registered for investigation,” said Twigg.

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