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WATCH: Drunk officer, who can’t even walk collided with another car

A police officer has been arrested after he crashed with another vehicle over the weekend in Northern Cape.

The video that has gone viral shows an officer who is not in his uniform, struggling to stand on his feet due to excessive alcohol. The video shows a De Aar SAPS van in a collision with a white car.

Members of the public are on scene taking pictures of the stumbling officer who is wearing a short.
As he gained strength to walk back to the car, the angry driver of the car that collided with the van moered the officer.

One man is seen protecting the officer from the angry crowds. The can is from De Aar SAPS.

Northern Cape police spokesman Sergio Kock confirmed the incident.

β€œThe SAPS management is aware of the unfortunate incident in De Aar currently trending on social media platforms. The implicated police official has been arrested. An internal investigation has also been initiated against the SAPS member. The investigation continues,” said Kock.


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