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VIDEO: Man moered couple having tlof tlof at public park

Mzansi social media users are divided over a video of a man who moered a couple that was having a nice time next to a tree in the public space. The man is seen in the video chasing a couple that looked like they were to get on it.

The 21-second video shows the man throwing something at the couple as the woman was already on top of the man. The couple stood up and the guy ran away with his pants dropped as he had pulled them down already. The man gave a chase but he was outpaced by the man who kept on running away.

The angry man stopped chasing and returned to the woman who was picking up her belongings and chased her. The woman was not fast enough as she was caught and get a few whips from the man. The act by the man who disrupted the couple has left people on social media divided. “He is jealous, he doesn’t want to see other people having fun,” said one user.

However, other users said the couple was supposed to get a lodge or go home and enjoy themselves in peace. “It is a public place, that man should have moered them even more. These are open and shared spaces which must be respected by everyone,” said another user.


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