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WATCH: Truck driver crashed while playing with his induku while driving

Truck driver crashed while ebamba induku while in front of the steering driving on the 29th of January 2023.

From the information presented on the dashcam, the incident happened around 5am. While he was busy with his shenanigans, the truck was moving at the speed of 70km/h.

After pleasuring himself, he fell asleep right away while the truck was moving.

It is not clear where the incident took place but the incident is awash on social media.

The video shows the driver putting hands inside his trousers while the truck is moving. At some point the driver is seen using both hands ukuvula his trousers wabamba induku to come out before caressing it.

The two-minute video that was posted on SATrucker Twitter account has caused mixed feelings.

Many people are asking why the driver didn’t stop and finish the ‘massage’ then continue with the journey.

Others even blamed him for doing amanyala in front of the camera.

While the driver was busy with his ‘unholy’ act while the truck was moving, at the background there was a woman preaching the word of God.

To watch the video click SA Trucker Twitter on SA Trucker Twitter

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