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Truck driver arrested with over 1000kg of marijuana

A truck driver was arrested after he was caught carrying over one tonne of marijiuana last week in Beaufort West. The truck was on its way to Cape Town from Durban.

The intsangu load was detected by traffic cops who then called SAPS to the scene leading to the arrest of the driver. MEC for Mobility Ricardo Mackenzie said 22 compressed bags of marijuana were recovered from the truck. The street value of the marijuana is estimated at R9 million.

The driver was kept arrested and kept at Beaufort West SAPS before appearing in court on Monday. In another incident in the same area, traffic cops arrested a taxi driver carrying intsangu. The driver was coming from Eastern Cape on his way to Cape Town.

“Inspectors stopped a mini-bus during a Public Transport Operation and detected a strong smell of dagga coming from the trailer. A search of the vehicle revealed 15 small packs of compressed dagga, weighing 13,446kg. The driver, who had been on his way to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape, was arrested and detained at Beaufort West,” said Mckenzie.

Meanwhile Mayco member for Safety and Security Jean Pierre Smith said on 16 April the Gang and Drug Task Team were tipped off about drug dealing at a house in Hanover Park. When officers arrived they saw a man dropping a plastic in front of the house.

“They conducted a search and recovered a zip gun and 38 units of unga in his possession. The 27-year-old was detained at Philippi SAPS,” said Smith.

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