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‘Rude’ Sassa employee in hot water

A Sassa employee from Mogwase Sassa in North West is in trouble after she mistreated a woman who had visited the centre for help. A woman named Naletsana Ye Kwa Khunou posted on Facebook complaining about the treatment bad treatment from the woman called “Precious”.

She said at first she heard her telling the woman in front of her that “If these grants were mine I wouldn’t give them to anyone”. When her turn arrived, she asked told me that she was there to register her kids. Instead of assisting her asked her why she wanted to register her kids for grants. The woman was said she was annoyed by the manner she was questioned. Precious sent her to the police station to do an affidavit. When she spoke to an officer who had noticed that she was not looking fine, she told him that it was about the Sassa lady.

The officer laughed and told her that she was known for her rudeness. The officer told her that when he saw Sassa forms, before he could ask anything, he already knew that the woman’s sadness had to do with Precious.

When Naletsana returned to Sassa offices, Naletsana secretly took the woman’s picture and posted it on social media. “The way she spoke to the other woman before she can assist me, it was shameful. And they don’t do nothing about it, before leaving I requested to see the branch manager but he was not available…I’m gonna take this matter further,” said Naletsana.

Sassa released a statement this evening apologising to the affected persons. Sassa said the matter has been escalated internally and investigations will follow.

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