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WATCH: Thief gets ROBBED seconds after stealing from a moving truck!

A bread thief from Gugulethu was robbed just seconds after stealing bread from a moving Albany bread truck. A video that has emerged from Twitter shows a man hanging behind a bread van while carrying a crate of bread. After the truck reduced its speed, the man dropped off from the van with the bread crate in his hands.

The incident appears to have happened in Ny1 in section 3. The moment he stepped off the road, another man advanced towards him. He dropped the crate of bread and ran away, giving way for other people to take away his loot. One Twitter user Spha Nkosi said the situation was like that of animals in the jungle. “If you’ve ever watched hyenas and lion documentaries on National Geographic, this is similar,” she said.

Another person with the username @TalkLawMonare believes even those who robbed the thief must be arrested. “And then when I say those who robbed him must also face the law people say I’m for criminality. Crime is a crime, whether it’s committed in response to another crime is secondary,” he said.

Some Twitter users felt the man should have grabbed a loaf since he had worked hard.


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