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State wants 9 life sentences for man who raped daughter, granddaughter

The State prosecutor in the case of Tazne Van Wyk wants the convicted rapist Moyhdian Pangkaeker.
Senior State advocate Lenro Badenhorst said Pangkaeker is a danger to the community and deserves to be in jail all his life.

Pangkaeker who killed Tazne was also convicted for the rape of her daughter and grandchild. He was also convicted of incest as he has a child that came from the rape of her daughter.

The State said after raping his daughter, he asked her the following day whether she had enjoyed it.

“It is submitted that the accused abused his position as father of victim by raping her when she was intoxicated and assaulting her.

“On top of his heinous actions, he enquired from her the next day whether she enjoyed it. It is submitted that the accused conduct was reprehensible and abusive in the extreme,” the State argued.

Pangkaeker appeared in Western Cape High Court on Wednesday 18 January ahead of his sentencing that will take place on Valentine’s Day.

In 2020 Pangkaeker kidnapped and raped little Tazne whose body was found in a drain in Worcester days after she went missing. On top of the murder; rape and kidnapping charges of Tazne; Pangkaeker was found guilty of many other crimes.

On 26 October 2026; the court found Pangkaeker guilty of 21 charges, which include eight counts of rape of children, sexual assault and sexual exploitation of children, several counts of assault of children, kidnapping, incest, desecration of a corpse, and absconding from parole.

Despite of overwhelming evidence including CCTV footage produced during the train, Pangkaeker still denied that he committed the heinous crimes the state preferred against him.

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