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Rapist sent “please call back” to his phone using my phone

A woman from Island informal settlement has come forward with a shocking story of how her rapist sent himself a message from her own phone after assaulting her. The woman, who remains unnamed, recounted the harrowing experience of how she was walking home from a saloon when the perpetrator approached her with a gun.

According to the woman aged 26, the man ordered her to a secluded area full of reeds where he raped her and then demanded her phone. The woman handed him a small phone (tilili) and the man proceeded to send himself a “call me back” message. They walked to another location where she was raped again before being ordered to go home.

Days later, the woman saw her rapist driving a black VW Polo while on her way to the clinic with her child. Her phone started ringing, but she was too shocked to answer. When she called the number back, to her horror, she realized it was her rapist on the other end of the line.

The woman believes that he obtained her phone number by sending himself a message on the day he raped her. She had not reported the incident to the police due to the man´s forcing her to wash her private parts with dirty water while he watched.

“I couldn’t report the matter to police back then but this issue eats me in the inside. How can he have the audacity to even call me,” she said.

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