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Policewoman killed, ‘naked’ body found on the street

The body of a policewoman has been found dead in Mfuleni earlier today. The officer who is believed to be 24-years was allegedly in the area accompanying a friend who had visited her cousin.

Last night before the incident, the officer and her friend and the cousin were having fun, drink and eating. It is not clear what happened after the fun, but the officer’s body was found on the street earlier today.

The officer was undressed, and her clothes were found inside the shack of the suspect who has since been arrested. One resident Anelisa Makinana said she is angry at what happened. “Women are not safe in this country. When they even rape and kill a police officer what about me an ordinary person,” she said.

Police woman raped in Mfuleni
Western Cape police commissioner General Thembisile Patekile speaks to a resident after a cop was found dead ekasi. Photos by Ezitshisayo

Residents called police after the body was discovered. Officers who arrived at the scene followed the marks and trail that showed the place the body was dragged from. They managed to find the officers clothes including her underwear inside a shack. They arrested the shack owner, a man who lives alone.

Residents said it’s not the first time they have encountered a similar incident. “It’s a pity that those who are arrested in connection with such gruesome acts are seen walking on our streets after a few months. Justice system is failing us as women,” said one resident.

Western Cape police commissioner Lieutenant General Thembisile Patekile was present at the scene. He confirmed that the deceased was a police officer.

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