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Not even the dead were spared by heavy flooding

Not even the resting places of the deceased were spared from the heavy downpour that hit Western over the weekend. While the rains have finally ceased, residents have laid their families at Maitland cemetery need to check their graves. This is because several graves close to gate 4A were partially submerged in water on Monday 25 September.

A concerned resident, who had laid her mother to rest at the cemetery last year, felt compelled to investigate the situation. With memories of past incidents in Gauteng where floods washed graves away, she worried about a similar fate befalling the Maitland cemetery. To her relief, her mother’s final resting place remained intact, but she discovered other graves “drowning” in water.

Concerned for the well-being of other families with loved ones buried at Maitland cemetery, the resident urged everyone to visit the graveyard and inspect the graves of their relatives. “I advise anyone who has relatives at Maitland graveyard to go and check. The water may have caused some damages, so you need to make sure all is okay,” she shared.

The severe weather this past weekend has resulted in significant damage due to flooding, mudslides, rockfalls, fallen trees. It caused huge damage to buildings and infrastructure as well as the disruption of services.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said at least eight people have been killed in Cape Town due to floods. “At least eight fatalities in the City have been linked to the severe weather impact. Although many areas were significantly affected, the Helderberg area including Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, Sandvlei Macassar, Strand, Somerset-West and Gordon’s Bay was particularly badly affected with extensive mudslides affecting Sir Lowry’s Pass Village,” he said.

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