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Nolukhanyo was shot dead inside police van

A family in Kraaifontein is seeking answers following the fatal shooting of their loved one, who was inside a police van on the 29th of April 2023.

Gcobisa Nkosiyane, the deceased’s older sister, stated that Nolukhanyo Nkosiyane(19) had been out with friends drinking when they decided to move to Khayelitsha. However, Nolukhanyo, who was too drunk, chose to remain behind and was taken to Kraaifontein police station. Allegedly, police refused to take Nolukhanyo home and instead told her to wait for a patrolling van that was patrolling in her area. Hours later, a police van arrived, and she was taken home.

On the way, the van was stopped by a man who claimed to have been robbed. The police searched the area but found nothing. As they returned to the van, they were fired upon by unknown attackers, and Nolukhanyo was hit by a stray bullet.

Sandla Phicani, Nolukhanyo’s cousin, claimed that the officers who were with his sister have not visited the family since the incident. When he tried to speak to the police, they refused to assist him in arranging a burial. He said police said they were only going to fix the windows of their broken van and will not bury Nolukhanyo.

Isaac Quill(31), another brother to the deceased said police must take responsibility for Nolukhanyo’s death, given that it occurred inside their van. However,Quill said when they met the station commander, he told that they were investigating the matter.

Sergeant Wesley Twigg confirmed the incident and stated that the investigation was ongoing, with no arrests made as of yet.

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