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Moered with imvubu: My friend vomited and I was moered

Social media was awash about a woman who was moered by imvubu on the streets in the view of several people.

Ezitshisayo managed to track the woman Andisiwe Nqanqase (29) from Philippi, Brown’s farm to get the whole story behind the incident.

Speaking to our reporters Asindisiwe said the story started when her friend vomited at a table at the shebeen they were at. The incident happened on Friday 03 February at a local shebeen on Winnie Madikizela Mandela road.

“I went home to change my clothes with my other friend when we came back the man who is in the video moering said I’m ‘madubhula’. When I said njani, he said don’t I see that my friend has vomited on the table.

“I didn’t see the vomit and so I woke her up and we were going outside but he started having some attitude. He then chased us away from the tavern then I told him that ‘we are drinking from our money and you are not the owner of this place’. The shebeen owner heard about the fight,” she said.

The woman said the man then clapped her and she moered him back with an empty bottle.

“The shebeen owner asked me why I was breaking her bottle, she didn’t even ask why I was being beaten up. Some people were now asking her why she is concerned with the bottle instead of a woman who is being attacked but she didn’t care,” said Asandisiwe.

When she went outside she saw the man who is a security at the shebeen standing outside. He gave a sign calling Asindisiwe.

“I thought he was calling me to apologise for slapping me but the next thing imvubu was on my body. So that’s when people took pictures but all started when my friend vomited,” she said.

Watch: Philippi woman moered

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