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Meet Loyiso’s murder ‘mastermind’!

The Athlone Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town was presented with chilling revelations surrounding the death of well-known activist Loyiso Nkohla-Mabandla. The court heard that the deceased Thobani Maxengana(39) who died in police cells is the one who convened a meeting that decided to end Loyiso’s life.

During the court session on Monday November 20, the court disclosed Thobani Maxengana as the man who allegedly orchestrated the murder of Loyiso. Maxengana, who was Loyiso’s homeboy tragically passed away while in police custody on Thursday last week. The court heard that it was Maxengana who convened a meeting that ultimately sealed Loyiso’s fate.

The details surrounding the alleged plot emerged during the court appearance of Mziyanda Mdlungu, who is suspected to have played a role as the getaway car driver. According to the prosecutor, Mdlungu and others attended a meeting that was organized Maxengana.

Further investigation by Ezitshisayo has uncovered that Maxengana held the position of Human Resources director at Limise Protection Services. Loyiso’s widow, Nyameka KwaLunga Mabandla, explained that Maxengana approached her husband, seeking assistance with his struggling company. Being acquaintances from their rural area, Loyiso decided to lend a helping hand. He subcontracted Maxengana to provide security services in the Philippi area but discovered that he had failed to pay his workers. It was at a meeting arranged by Loyiso to address the concerns of these unpaid workers that he was shot and killed.

The court proceedings elicited profound emotions from Nyameka, who was unable to hold back her tears during the proceedings. Following the session, she expressed her deep familiarity with both Mziyanda Mdlungu and the late Thobani Maxengana. The court’s revelations have left Nyameka and others who knew the individuals involved grappling with a mix of shock and grief.

As the case continues to unfold, more light may be shed on the role of Mziyanda Mdlungu and the extent of his involvement, providing some closure and justice for Loyiso’s loved ones.


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